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At Hudi Horse, Ramdas exceptional horse riding experiences with well-trained horses and expert trainers for riders of all levels

We offer horse booking, riding courses, and training for events and weddings. With a variety of horses available, including elegant white ones for weddings and energetic ones for adventurous rides, we guarantee a memorable experience. Join us today for a thrilling horse riding journey


Wedding Events

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Hudi Horse, a magnificent and revered stallion, plays a crucial role in the organization and execution of temple events. With its graceful presence and majestic aura, Hudi Horse leaves a lasting impression on devotees and participants alike. The horse's meticulously trained movements, ridden by skilled riders, enhance the grandeur of the ceremonies. Hudi Horse's elegant stride and rhythmic trot contribute to the spiritual ambience, captivating the audience and creating an atmosphere of devotion and celebration. The horse serves as a symbol of divine connection, embodying the ethereal grace and beauty associated with temple rituals. Its role in these events is pivotal, as it represents the harmonious convergence of spirituality and tradition. Hudi Horse is truly a cherished companion and an integral part of the temple's sacred journey, enriching the experience for all who witness its participation.

Hudi Horse extends its enchanting services beyond weddings to elevate birthday celebrations with the enchantment of horses. Their expertly trained and adorned horses add a magical touch to birthday events, offering memorable rides and photo opportunities. Committed to excellence, Hudi Horse customizes each experience to suit the theme and preferences of the birthday celebrant, ensuring a day filled with joy and wonder. From pony rides for younger guests to elegant carriage services for more sophisticated affairs, Hudi Horse brings a sense of enchantment and delight to every birthday occasion.

Hudi Horse specializes in adding a touch of elegance to wedding events with their majestic horses. Offering a unique and timeless experience, they provide well-trained and beautifully adorned horses for ceremonial rides, carriage services, and photo opportunities. With a focus on professionalism and attention to detail, Hudi Horse ensures that each moment of the wedding is enhanced with the grace and charm of their equine companions. Their dedicated team works closely with couples to tailor services to their specific needs, creating unforgettable memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Corporate Events

Hudi Horse specializes in providing distinguished equine companions for corporate events, elevating the atmosphere with grace and sophistication. With a commitment to professionalism and seamless service, Hudi Horse delivers memorable experiences tailored to meet the unique requirements of each corporate occasion. Whether it's team-building activities or executive retreats, their well-trained horses add a touch of elegance and charm to any event.

Temple Events

Hudi Horse organizes inclusive horse events in schools, catering to both mainstream and specially abled students. With a focus on accessibility and empowerment, their programs blend education, therapy, and recreation, fostering a supportive environment where all participants can engage with and learn from these magnificent animals. Through tailored activities and trained professionals, Hudi Horse ensures every child, regardless of ability, experiences the joy and benefits of equine interaction.

Hudi Horse offers an exceptional horse riding training session that is truly remarkable for riders. With their experienced instructors and well-trained horses, the training session provides riders with an incredible opportunity to enhance their skills and deepen their connection with these majestic animals. The trainers at Hudi Horse understand the needs of each rider and tailor their lessons accordingly, ensuring a personalized and rewarding experience. The training is focused on all aspects of horse riding, including proper techniques, balance, and control.

Training Sessions