About Hudi Horse

About Hudi Horse

Welcome to Hudi Horse, where passion for horses meets dedication to service. Allow us to introduce ourselves:

Ramdas Poojari and Raja: Meet Ramdas Poojari, the heart and soul behind Hudi Horse, and his beloved companion Raja. One year ago, Ramdas's dream became a reality when Raja, a magnificent stallion of the Marwari breed, found his new home with Ramdas.

A Dream Fulfilled: Ramdas's journey with Raja began with learning how to care for the horse and receiving his first riding lessons from the son of the family who sold him the horse.

A Gift of Generosity: The story of how Raja came into Ramdas's life is one of generosity and support. A retired teacher from Switzerland, touched by Ramdas's aspirations, donated Raja with the wish that Ramdas could earn money with the horse to support his family, particularly his sister's education.

Becoming a Local Icon: Raja quickly became a beloved figure in the community, sought after for weddings, temple functions, and even photo sessions on the beach.

Overcoming Adversity: Despite the joys, there have been challenges. Raja once fell ill after being bitten by a snake, but with the help of local veterinarians and experts, he made a full recovery after weeks of treatment.

Making Memories: Life with Raja is filled with special moments, from participating in events like the hotel Parijatha's Golden Jubilee celebration to private photo sessions and even Raja's own birthday party, where cakes were shared and memories made.

Spreading Joy: Ramdas's bond with Raja extends beyond business. He regularly visits special children's schools to bring joy and happiness to the children.

In essence, Hudi Horse is more than just a business; it's a partnership between a man and his horse, dedicated to spreading joy and creating unforgettable memories.

Join us on this extraordinary journey, where every hoofbeat echoes with friendship and every ride is an adventure.

Yours sincerely,

Ramdas Poojari,
Horse Friend
South India